Postgraduate education

We currently offer over 50 taught masters degrees, including:

  • our internationally recognised MBA
  • a range of professionally recognised computing qualifications,
  • an MA in English,
  • an MSc in Psychology
  • and our MSc in Development Management.

Some postgraduate positions come with funding attached. These are called studentships. Studentships can cover both fees and living expenses, but there tends to be a lot of competition.postgradute education

If your place doesn’t have funding attached, then you’ll need to think about how to pay for your studies.

The main costs you’ll face are tuition fees and accommodation and living expenses. Tuition fees vary from course to course. Usually, they will run to several thousand pounds.

It’s common for postgraduates to help fund their studies by:

  • using savings
  • combining study with work
  • applying for financial help from some of the sources listed below